Friday, 27 April 2012

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I am the worst sleeper EVER when I'm on nights. It's so annoying! Ask me to nap in the day when I haven't got work and I'm off like a light, but for some reason when I know I've got to be up I just can't nod offf. I normally get two to three hours before I'm wide awake. For a girl who needs atleast eight hours sleep to function this is not good! I've tried every remedy going to try and send me to the land of nod (I've even tried Horlicks) but nothing seemed to work - until now!


When I bought this pillow spray I was very dubious. I mean how can spraying something on your pillow help you sleep? I tried it not expecting much and wow! I slept for six hours straight - that's a world record for when I'm on nights!
The spray is "infused with essential oils of Lavender, vetivert and wild camomile to soothe the body and mind." and it sure does! It smells so relaxing that you can't help but driftt off. If you could imagine the perfect relaxation scent, this would be it!

Maybe it's all psychological. As in I just believe the spray will help me sleep, rather than the spray actually doing anything but whatever it is it works so I'm sticking with it! A good nights (or days!) sleep is the best beauty tip ever!

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