Saturday, 21 April 2012

Burt's Bees Banana Hand Cream

My search for the best hand cream has been going on for years. I dread my hands getting so dry that they look like a shrivelled up prune! I wash them so often at work that they take a pretty big battering...I need hand cream thats industrial strength! On a recent trip to Boots a Burt's Bees display caught my eye. I had used Burt's Bees lip balm in the past but I wasnt that impressed so I'd kind of written the brand off.

For those of you that don't know, Burt's bees is a company that strives to make natural products, on average their products are 99% natural. I love this about the brand, my skin is so sensitive that anything natural scores points with me!

I don't really know why but when I looked at the display my cosmetaholic side went crazy and I ended up buing 3 products: a hand cream, (which I'm reviewing today) an exfoliating body wash and a body lotion, (reviews of these are coming up but I like to have really tried a product before I review it...and trust me I've used the hand cream a lot, I'm like a ten times a day girl when it comes to hand cream!)

The hand cream I bought was Burt's Bees Banana Hand cream, which is 100% natural and made with beeswax and banana.

I loved the packaging off this cream. Although it's quite pricey for a hand cream, it look luxurious. It comes in a glass pot with a screw lid. The design on the lid is so well done that it's one of those everyday essentials that you don't mind having on display. The cream itself smells yummy! I'm sure it won't be to everyones taste as it does smell quite strongly of banana but I quite like that. It reminds of holidays! The smell doens't linger for too long once you've put the cream on so if your not a fan of bananas don't let that put you off. The cream has a thick texture so not much is needed and it absorbs quite quickly so you're not left with that, "I can't do anything, greasy hand cream hands" feeling.

I've been using the cream for a week now and my hands feel so much softer and less irritated. I love layering it on before bed and waking up to silky softness! I never thought I'd say it but I think can call off my search for the perfect hand cream...well done Burt's bees!

Have you used any Burt's Bees products?


  1. I love Burts Bees! I just love the whole image of it.
    The hand cream sounds amazing :) x

    1. I'm definitely been converted to Burts Bees lover, im pretty shocked that I havent always been! X ps lovely blog