Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nars Larger Than Life Norma Lipgloss.

I think red lips look fab on everyone but me! I love the studio 54 type look with red lips and black eyeliner - very Marilyn Monroe. It's one of those looks I've never been able to pull off, I've blamed my blue eyes. I think they clash with the red and its a bit too much. Crazy I know as plenty of people with blue eyes can look amazing with red lips. Maybe I used that as excuse not to leave my nude lips rut  - who knows! Anyway enough was enough, I decided it was high time to confront my fear and popped into Nars for some red lips tips.


I bought a red  gloss to ease me in to the trend, I thought the colour might be less in your face in than lipstick - perfect for a red-aphobics like me. The shade I bought is called "Norma" - Nars always have really catchy names so I'm not sure where Norma came from! It's a gloss and its a really deep red, like chilli red. It hasn't got an orange/pink undertone like some reds, its pure red...eek! Like all Nars products the packaging is simple and chic, a straight tube with a black lid.
 The gloss is really good, it's not sticky like some can be and gives a really intense colour. It has a little brush attached to the lid so you can apply it really close to your lip line without going over - I hate it when lipstick/lipgloss bleeds! I didn't find it drying on my lips at all and it has a lovely shine to it. I also love the colour of this gloss and I found it didn't come off too much when drinking etc. but it is pricey! At the end of the day its a little tube of gloss and it cost £19 -  I guess that's what you pay for buying premuim brands.

As much as I love this colour, I'm still convinced red lips are me  -I'm going to persevere with it, maybe I just need to get over the shock!

How do you find red lipstick?

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