Thursday, 19 April 2012

St Tropez instant bronzing lotion

Breathe a sigh of relief the weekend is nigh! In true, nearly weekend style, I thought I'd do an instant bronzer review.

I can't believe I'm giving my secret away but I use istant bronzer on top of my St. Tropez! This might sound crazy but it all boils down to my impatience. I hate waiting for colour to develop! I find a splodge of bronzer over the top keeps me happy while I'm's the little things!
From my previous post it's pretty clear I'm a St. Tropez devotee so when I noticed that they'd brought out an instant bronzer I was giddy with excitement!

The picture below shows the product just as it comes out of the tube. It has a lot of colour which is fab as it makes it easier to apply. I always apply any tanning product with a mitt, I find it so much easier to blend and it also minimilises damage to the palms of your hands! This picture also my shows my pasty pre-tan arm!

And this is my arm after applying the product.

I think the colour of the lotion is amazing! It gives a great hint of colour with no signs of looking tangoed and it doesn't really smell either. If you've used St. Tropez before you'll know that it has own unique scent, (I've got a feeling they call French Riveria but don't quote me on that), and thats exactly how this lotion smells. So far so good.

The only issue I had with this product was that it went patchy. It looks amazing when you apply it but as the day goes on it goes patchy...polka dot tan is definitely not a desired effect!  This massively let it down for me, I wanted a make believe tan not a tell tale tan!

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