Sunday, 29 April 2012

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Volume and Lift Mascara

I have so much love for the Estee Lauder Double wear range that I really should be on commission! When I noticed the Double Wear Mascara I was ecstatic. I always get black marks under my eyes from mascara no matter what I use. Even putting powder under my eyes doesn't seem to stop the smudge. I was really hoping that trusty double wear would one day come to my rescue - and now it has!

The brush of this mascara is very thin, and is great at seperating the lashes but in terms of definition and volume I'd say it's nothing special. There's a lot of high street brands that do at a fraction of the cost. However when it comes to minimilising the smudge this mascara is second to none.

I wore this mascara to work one day, this is the ultimate test! After a 14 hour shift I always have unsightly mascara marks under my eyes but on the day I wore the double wear I had none. Amazing!! It's due to this staying power that I can't give up my Double wear addiction. To make the most of it, I normally curl my lashes and then apply whatever high street brand mascara I'm using at the time to my lashes. I then go over the top with the double wear mascara. This seems to work perfectly for me. It's all most like the double wear sets my mascara. I find that layering my mascara in this way gives me volume, lift and more importantly staying power.

The mascara is pretty pricey to use just to prevent smudging but it's the only thing I've found to work. If you're lucky enough not to suffer with smudging mascara, steer clear of this as that's about all its good at!

Have you got any tips to stop mascara smudging?


  1. Thanks for the recommendation - I have tried plenty of mascaras but never this one... Deffo going on the wishlist. ^__^

    1. My pleasure, it's def the best I've found that doesn't leave you looking like a panda! x