Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Supermarket Stash - Barbara Daly Face Lift

Here's my second review after my Barbara Daly splurge in tesco 's and it' all about the make up primer Face Lift.

How good is the name of this product?? I'm not naive enough to think it actually gives you a face lift but we can hope! This product can be used under make up or alone to make skin look fresh, luminous and bright and is also SPF 10. I love products with added SPF, it takes the effort out of applying sun cream to your face and is so anti-ageing its unbelievable!

This product comes in a gloss pot with a white lid and contains 30ml, I can't remember how it much cost but it was less than £10. The smell from this cream is lovely! It  just smells fresh and cooling - don't ask me how but it does! It's peach in colour and has a lovely thick texture. I applied it in the same way I apply my Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and kind of press it in to my skin. Wowzers!! This is good!

Readers of my blog will know how lack lustre my skin is but seriously this product did just what beauty Flash Balm does and nearly at a third of the cost. I'm hooked!

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