Sunday, 22 April 2012

Johnson's Baby Wipes

I like to think that I alway cleanse, tone and moisturise before going to bed but if I'm being honest I do have days when I just can't be bothered! For days like these I always have a packet of Johnson's Sensitive Baby Wipes on standby. I guess some of you might be thinking why don't I use make up wipes? The answer's simple, baby wipes are MUCH cheaper and do the job just as well.

You can pick baby wipes up at the Supermarket for roughly £2 for 64 wipes, whereas you pay about £2 for 25 make up wipes  - that's a pretty good saving throughout the year meaning more money to spend on exciting things, like Mac highlighters! I've found Johnsons Sensitive the best, they remove all my foundation without me having to scrub at it - and trust me Estee Lauder Double Wear can be a nightmare to get off with some other brands. I also found they remove mascara too without drying my eyes out. With make up wipes my eyes use to look really red after I used them and the outer corners would get so dry that I had to lather them in vaseline but I don't seem to have this problem with baby wipes. As you know my skin is so sensitive and although I don't use them everyday, I don't find baby wipes too drying on my skin or cause me to have breakouts. Beauty bargain!

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