Thursday, 19 April 2012

Living Proof Full Thickening Cream

Woohoo, my laptop charger has arrived! I don't think I've ever been so happy to receive more rubbish photos on this blog! On that note, todays post is all about hair....not a blurry photo in sight!

I know you always want what you haven't got and hair-wise I'm no exception. Although my hair is long its flat. Very, very flat. Without back combing and tons of product it looks like I've glued it to my head. I envy the Cheryl Coles out there and until helmet hair is in fashion my search is on to find the ultimate volumising product.

My latest purchase on the journey to big hair is  Living Proof  Full Thickening Cream. It's £20 from Space NK, which for a little 10cm bottle of hair cream is pretty expensive. To use it you massage a bit of the cream in to  your hair when drying and as if by magic your hair is full of body....or not!

The cream itself is lovely and thick so you don't need much and it doesn't dry hard so you've still got loads of movement in your hair but as for giving it volume I score it nul points.
I dont expect miracles, but a little extra oomph would have been nice. It really didn't make any difference to the body of my hair, the best thing it did was make it smell great. If you want that lovely "just washed hair" smell that you normally get from the hairdressers then buy this product but if you want volume, better stick to back combing for now.

Have you got any big hair tips?

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