Monday, 23 April 2012

Revlon minted nail polish.

Monday is here, this means one good thing, my night shift is done! I am now left with the post nights hangover - that's the only way I can describe how I feel - hungover with no alcohol intake! I've dragged myself out of bed in the fear that I won't sleep tonight so, complete with cocktail sticks to hold my eyes open, I plan to blog all day!

Todays first review is of Revlon Minted nail polish, shade 028. In a previous post I banged on about orange nail polish but seeing as though pastels are all the rage this season I thought I should give them a shot. I picked this up on yet another trip Boots - yes, I am a bit obsessed with that place! Revlon had so many ice cream coloured polish's that I was spoilt for choice! This shade is so pretty, it's just how mint green should look. My only criticism is that as it quite pale you almost need a bit of a tan to be able to pull it offf. I think it really compliments a tan but if you're quite pale it could get a bit lost! I only think this as I've been a lazy tanner this week and not touched my legs  - when I put it on my toe nails it just didn't look right, yet it looked fab on my fingers. I can only put this down to the tan!

You do need a few coats to get a good colour, with just one quote it can look a bit wishy washy but once you've built it up its pretty amazing! If you're a sucker for pastel shades, I'd say this is one shade that would sit well in your collection. However if you like something a bit more juicy, minted isn't for you.

What are your opinions on this shade? love it or loathe it?

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