Saturday, 14 April 2012

St Tropez vs St Moriz

I'm a tan addict..there we go I've said it! I'm not talking the tangoed look,(although I have had a lot of fake tan disasters in my time!) but a nice natural, sun kissed look. I've fake tanned religiously for years, (naturally I'm blessed with milk bottle white skin and i just feel 10 times better with a hint of colour). In my search for the perfect tan I have tried pretty much every brand going. Through trial and error I've came to love St. Tropez, my thinking is that if you're going to fake tan you might as well do it properly, right?? The only downside to St Tropez is the cost. I always buy from boots (getting the advantage card points numbs the pain slightly of spending £30 on tan!) and it's around £30 for 240ml. Although this does last me a few months I begrudge buying it, so I've recently been looking for a cheaper alternative......low and behold I found St Moriz! I got my from home bargains for the bargain price of £2.99 for 200ml. So how do they compare?


Very easy to apply, as you pump it the colour of the mousse is quite pigmented so I found it really easy to see where you'd been. I used a mitt to apply and found it went on pretty streak free. I applied it in the evening and left it to develop overnight. The fatal error of this was the smell! I'm used to fake tan stained sheets and have even purchased brown sheets for such days but there was no escaping the smell! My boyfriend affectionately told me I smelt like dog biscuits..yes he's full of compliments! Luckily as soon as you shower the smell goes and the colour left is pretty good. No horrible undertones left behind like from some brands! However I did notice that it tended to fade patchy. Whether this was due to dry patches on my skin I don't know (I do moisturise daily) but I felt it let the tan down. Within 2 days I was having to furiously exfoliate to hide the patches.

So, have I been converted to St Moriz? Unfortunately on my bank balance, no. There's no denying its great value for money but I just didn't find it a patch on St Tropez. If I was really scrimping the pennies yes I'd buy it but in all honesty I'd rather save and fake tan the St Tropez way.

What are your thoughts on St Moriz?

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