Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cocktail hour

The weekend is here! Hope you've all got some amazing plans. I'm working tomorrow so I kick started my mini weekend yesterday in perfect style with cocktails!

Going out for cocktails is one of my favourite past times...if you add dinner in to the equation too then I'm over the moon. I'm quite simple to please really, keep me fed and watered and I'm happy!
I was at work yesterday too and after 13 hours my heart wasn't really set on going out. I'm sure you know what it's like, after a long day at work all you want to do is get home and curl up with a cup of tea. I especially find going out after work tough as it takes me so flippin' long to get ready. I could easily spend a whole day getting ready for a night out, I love to faff...have a bath, face mask, hair mask, its like my own mini spa day! So yesterday I was on a tight schedule, twenty minutes was all I had...the thought of it makes me panic! My lovely, relaxing getting ready routine was transformed in to a crazy mad rush, that I thought only men were capable off! Here's what I wore for the night:

I think this top is amazing! I bought it this week, the sparkly bits caught my eye, (see I am a magpie!). Its so simple and flattering and perfect for dressing up or down. I've got a dressed down look using this top that I'll blog soon. For this look I teamed it with cream jeans from Topshop and a nude pair of heels from Miss Selfridge. I've had these jeans for a while but I was never 100% sure about them but I think they go perfectly with this top. Normally for a night out my hair and make up is much better, but to get ready in 20 minutes, something had to give!

The cocktail bar was AMAZING! It's has 1920's themed decor and plays jazz type music, it just makes you want to pop on a flapper dress! I'm so glad I'm went. I have never seen a cocktail menu like it, it was like a novel. They do a cherry pie bellini topped with custard, it's so scrummy, like a dessert in a glass needless to say I think I've found my new hideout!

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