Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! I'm at work later so I've got every excuse to have a lazy Sunday. I think that's the best thing about working nights, it's like a hall pass to do nothing all day - after all you're on nights you need to rest!
Todays post is about a product which has saved me many times - Mac Mineralize Skin Finish.

This is one of those products that was definitely sent from above! It's a powder highlighter and it's AMAZING! I've used this product for about a year now and haven't looked back since. I'm a massive fan of highlighters anyway, I think they do wonders for cheek bones. Before using this product I was a Benefit highbeam gal, but Mac have completely blown them out the water in my book.

This highlighter comes in two shades, I use the soft and gentle shade, and I just sweep it wherever I want glow. I normally highlight brows and cheeks and occasionally, (very subtly) my nose. I have this "thing" about my nose being chunky so a little sweep of this is a great optical illusion trick to thin it out! I use a blusher brush to apply it to my cheeks and then put my normal blusher on top. Then I add a little extra to the top of my cheek bones and hey presto I've got cheek bones to rival Naomi Campbell!

The powder itself is like a frosted pale peach colour and it's definitely not too shimmery! The shimmers are there but they are very fine. When the light hits my face you can just see a little shimmer. Soft and Gentle doesn't give any bronzing colour to your face either but it gives a nice glowy warm hue.

The downside to this product would be the cost as it's £21.50 but I really think it's worth every penny. I've had mine a year and is probably only half used so when you look at it like that its definitely worth the investment.

What do you think of powder highlighters?

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