Sunday, 15 April 2012

Aesops Fabulous Face Oil

I recently read in a magazine (and before you ask, yes i do believe everything I read) that the queen of style Caroline Flack uses Aesops Fabulous Face oil as part of her beauty regime. Needless to say the second i read this the hunt began for me to track down this amazing sounding oil. I stumbled across it on a website called "cult beauty". I wish I'd never discovered this website, I'm a sucker for trying new cosmetics and this website is jam packed with things just begging to be tried!
Aesops Fabulous Face oil is expensive if you ask me, it was around £40 for 25ml but if it does what it claims it's worth it, right? So, what does it claim? Well it claims to soften, hydrate and detoxify patchy skin and is made of natural products including juniper berries, ylang ylang and yasmine. All that sounds great to me, my skin is the bain of my life, it's sensitive, patchy and prone to breakouts at the drop of a hat! It says a few drops each night is all you need, either on it's own or with a moisturiser too. Sounds like a winner!
Due to the price I didn't want to say this but I love this serum!! It has the most amazing smell, which I found really relaxing and I look forward to massaging this in to my skin every night as it feels like a little treat! It comes with a pipette so you can use the product sparingly...3 drops a night is more than enough for my face and neck. I was worried that being an oil it would make my already troublsome skin greasy but it doesn't all. I put it on every night and in the morning my skin so feels smooth and refreshed, it's my secret weapon.

Whether Miss Flack uses it or not, I will definitely be buying more, and if you buy it from Cult Beauty you receive free sample products too...perfect for a Magpie like me :) only problem is now I want to try the whole Aesop range!

Have you used any Aesop products? What's your beauty secret weapon?
Magpie, xx

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