Monday, 16 April 2012

Bare Minerals Original

Hey lovelies! Unfortunately my laptop charger has broken so I'm trying to blog from my phone...dedication or what! I try to mix up the cosmetics and fashion posts here on magpie, variety is the spice of life and all that. Here's a lovely little make up review for you, hope you like it!
When it comes to foundation I'm a fussy little madam! I think it goes back to me having troublesome skin. I've tried Mac, Benefit, Clinique, Chanel in an attempt to find my perfect match and I'm proud to say I'm an Estée Lauder double wear devotee. It does exactly what I want, hides all my imperfections with its amazing buildable coverage and lasts all day long. Baring this in mind I'm a bit shocked to say I've found something which, in my opinion, gives the double wear a bit of a run for its money....hello Bare Minerals from Bare Escentuals.
I'd seen quite a few reviews raving about bare minerals so I decided to try it. I went to my local counter and got colour matched for the foundation and a setting powder. I've got to say I wasn't holding out much was I shocked! Foundation wise I used, Bare Minerals Original in medium and Mineral Veil as the setting powder. They're both in the form of loose powders so can be a bit messy to use but I just tipped a bit in to the lid and swirled a brush in it. I used a powder brush to build up the coverage, and it did take a few layers but I really feel this foundation gave me an airbrushed look and to keep it looking fresh all day I just kept dusting Mineral Veil over the top.
In this picture you can kind of see how smooth it made my skin look...I'm not yet brave enough to post a before picture, but trust me it's not nice!
Although I'm not yet ready to hand over the double wear, (I think I'll still need it for really bad skin days) I've got to give Bare Minerals credit....I'm a tough foundation cookie to crack and it's done a pretty good job at denting me.
What are your opinions on Bare Minerals? Have you tried any mineral make up?

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