Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Matis Eyes and Lips Treatment Mask

I am a firm believer that prevention is better than cure, most people use a facial moisturiser but neglect their eyes. I read somewhere that everyone should use an eye cream and I have to say I agree.
The skin around your eyes is thinner than everywhere else and damages more easily and when you take in to account that the average person blinks 10,000 per day is it no wonder it's the first place to wrinkle!
It's also one of the places most prone to dehydration. This is why eye creams are needed!

I love the Matis range, and when it comes to eye care I'm no different. They do a fab treatment mask, which I apply twice a day to the under eye area. The reason I adore this product is it's a two in one cream. You can pop it on both your eyes and lips. If you put a heavy coat on it works as a mask or a light layer works as a moisturiser. It's perfect for layering on before bed and waking up with fresh, no puffiness in sight eyes! It is very expensive it's about £20 for 20ml but I've had my tube since November and it's still going strong! I find this product absorbs really well and doesn't feel greasy. If you ask me it's a small price to pay to keep those wrinkles at bay!

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