Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Desert Island Make up

I have so much make up, it's actually pretty overwhelming when you look at it all. I love to mix it all up though and having a rumage through it and discovering old favourites is always fun! When it comes to going away though, I always struggle. I hate only being allowed to take a selection, I like to plan for every occasion and that normally means that all my make up has to come with me! Don't even get me started about when I only have hand luggage to fly with. Nightmare! My friends tell a very good story about going through security at Dublin Airport. On this occassion I only had hand luggage, and had to watch with tears in my eyes as the security man rationed my make up and threw bits away. I've learnt my lesson since!

Thinking of that story, spurred me on to write todays blog. What make up would I take to a desert island if I was only allowed 5 pieces?? After lots of thinking I've decided that these are my five essentials.....

 1) Estee Lauder Double wear - can not go anywhere without it!

2) Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in charcoal (I'm going to sneak a hard angle brush in with this one) - I've decided I could double this up as eyeliner (if I wet the brush) and use it to define my eyebrows. I could also mix it with a bit of foundation to give me a bluey eyeshadow. 3 in 1 product!

3) Nars Laguna bronzer - I don't tan that well so this could help me a fake a glow, and I could use it for a bit of contouring too.

4) Nars Orgasm blush - need I say more on this one!

5) Maybelline Colossal Mascara  -I'll need fluttery eyelashes to sweet talk someone in to helping me to get home! 

Please can I take a lipstick too???

What make up do you find essential?

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  1. Great idea go for a blog post! I would need 1) Natural Collection Green Stick 2) Collection concealer 3) Ideal Flawless foundation 4) HelloKitty/Libertylondon eyeshadow pallete (can double as a blush/eyeliner) 5) Avon curlatious mascara :) xo